Operations Centre Tracking Satellites in Space, Managing Space, Sensors and Telescope Surveillance

We are currently developing the most comprehensive space observation centre ever built.

This Orbital Analyst Hive has two main objectives:

  • Provide ongoing coverage of objects in space for the monitoring of trends, identification of congestion, junk and debris issues and protect the safety and security of all users.
  • Allow the specialist tracking of individual space assets for operators such as satellite operators, governments, space agencies and the military or for academic research.

The resulting data will be available (other than that belonging to individual clients) to business and public sectors for the first time.

We are opening up space data and understanding.

The NORSS Orbital Analyst Hive adds value to all of our other services, underpinning them with up to date, objective data and enables some new related services or services that we will be launching in the future.

It has the potential to monitor everything from Low Earth Orbit to Geostationary orbit.

Leading on the development of the regulatory environment

We are campaigning for the development of the first comprehensive regulatory environment for outer space. This would involve a new regulatory system and authority for the space sector and related to this a UK national civil tracking system and cooperation with international equivalents.

We are speaking with stakeholders and building consensus for this much needed facility and rulebook.

The new body will bring consistency and clarity on things to be monitored, conflicts to avoid, jurisdictions to be aware of and rules with which to comply.