Governing Space – Generating Major Economic Value and Societal Benefit

NORSS is on a mission to democratise access to outer space.

Whilst in principle, space is open to anyone, access is hindered by lack of resources, knowledge and technical capabilities.

We want to educate the operators, controllers and staff teams that will utilise space for the economic and societal benefits we know can be attained. We want to work with governments that are keen to realise these benefits and spread the rewards that this brings.

So, for business support, local and national economic development, security, safety and generally improving the lives of people in communities, we are bringing support and skills development in areas such as satellite tracking, space situational awareness and domain awareness.

Our RAF backgrounds and the purpose built operations centre that we are creating (Orbital Analyst Hive) make us well suited to defence as well as business opportunities arising from the effective use of outer space.

We will bring benefits to governments in the form of:

  • Space security
  • Space sustainability – so that ongoing benefits can be realised
  • Conjunction prediction
    • As use of space goes up, the need to avoid a negative incident such as a collision is heightened. We have the technology and the interpretation ability to make this a reality
  • More comprehensive tracking to support this
  • Competitive advantage in any / all of the opportunities presented by space
  • Space market share internationally
  • Use of the space sector as a driver of economic growth