Launch, Operation, Tracking and Success of Satellites in Space

With satellite tracking and space domain / situational awareness expertise, we are ideally placed to help you get the most from your space activity.

Further, we are developing our own surveillance infrastructure within the NORSS Orbital Analyst Hive – a purpose built facility to help you to track and optimise the performance of your assets.

Space launch

Assuming you have risk assessed your specific operations and have an understanding of the regulatory environment (our consultancy services can help with this), the next thing is to plan and deliver your launch.

We can help you to plan and deliver the necessary activities, connect you with relevant expertise and services and ensure all technical and regulatory issues are well covered.

Avoiding space junk and debris

Like any shared space, outer space needs not just rules, but some active de-cluttering at times.

We can help with organising active debris removal and monitoring to identify when and where this is needed.

Conjunction analysis and prediction

A key advantage that NORSS can bring is conjunction prediction based on live data, not modelling. Whereas modelling is typically done with data that is days or weeks old, our analysis being up to date means that you get fewer false positives and an alert to those situations in which action really is required.

Mission management

Ensure your mission is a success and delivers against your objectives in a sustainable way.

Get help with any or all of the following:

  • Tracking and control of your assets
  • Tracking of satellites (Space surveillance and tracking)
  • Data interpretation – getting the most out of it for your needs
  • Conjunction analysis and collision avoidance
  • Security of space and applications of space technology
  • Dealing with space weather
  • Regulatory understanding / jurisdictions / compliance
  • Future proofing
  • Risk mitigation
  • De-orbiting
  • End-of-life solutions – what to do with a satellite that has served its purpose