Research and Consultancy for Outer Space Policy Development

With unparalleled subject matter expertise and a commitment to opening up space to all who need it, and doing so sustainably, we are ideally placed to support the development of policy in this unique field.

We can apply our expertise and our research to the development of policy in a number of specialist areas.

Space safety policy – national, regional (European) and international

Safety within such a vast, open space involving advanced technology and international public and private organisations clearly requires cooperation.

We are keen to be involved in the evolving infrastructure and policy framework.

Space sustainability policy – debris, junk, de-orbiting and collision avoidance

Sustainability helps all of us to get better results and long term value. But it will only happen if deliberate and concerted effort is applied. And if all of us involved in space participate.

We can provide data on objects currently in space and advice on how to manage them. The Operations Centre (called the Orbital Analyst Hive) that we are creating will further develop available resources in this field.

Space planning and management

Having worked in military and business management of outer space operations, we can provide expertise to governments keen to improve their space sector and help to deliver more economic and social value from it.

In particular, this may include Research and Development (R&D) and investment policy.

Potential for a civil tracking system

It is clear that a civil organisation of air traffic control has served that industry, and the wider public extremely well. Whilst space is much more complex and harder to operate in, with the right expertise, such tracking and management can bring enormous value to the sector, to economies and to society.

As part of our long term vision, we are campaigning for the development of a new regulatory system and authority for the space sector and related to this a national civil tracking system.