We are keen to widen access to knowledge and skills needed to participate in the opportunities brought about by outer space.

We can produce and deliver custom sessions or programmes across any aspect of our field of work but below is an indication of common training requirements that we can meet.

Such training is of use to a range of government and private sector employees involved in various aspects of the space sector or utilising space or space data.

Immersive and interactive options are available, including the use of CGI.

All of this is underpinned by our academic collaboration and connections with leading experts from within the space industry, its regulators and the military.

Space Situational Awareness training

This supports operators as well as related professionals to build capacity and capability to operate safely and sustainably in space.

We cover the three key aspects defined by the European Space Agency:

  • Space weather – how this can impact your mission and your data availability and how to mitigate risks
  • Near Earth Objects such as asteroids and comets and their potential impact
  • Space surveillance and tracking. Tracking your assets and their proximity to others along their orbit

You will also learn how best to ensure the timely access to information about the space environment and successful navigation in this environment.

Space Domain Awareness training

Space domain awareness is about understanding all of the elements that work together to create successful missions, both in the outer space environment and the related people and infrastructure, whether in outer space or ground based.

In this training we are building the foundation knowledge required for outer space success.

Space mission management training

Mission management training for outer space is about building the practical operational management skills for the control and utilisation of assets such as satellites.

This can be delivered on a general basis to equip effective operators with the wide range of necessary inter-related skills, or can be tailored to a specific type of mission or single mission.

Launch and operational planning training

Launching a satellite into outer space is not something any of us do every day. Getting it right first time is critical. That’s why we provide training to develop high level thinking, planning and practical skills to launch satellites with operations and control in mind.

Safety and sustainability in space

Health, safety and environment training tailored to the outer space environment and domain.

How to operate safely, work within a culture that is safety first, avoid collisions and other incidents and de-orbit effectively and sustainably.

Objects in space training

This area of training focusses on identifying, measuring, tracking and controlling (where possible) objects in outer space.

It includes conjunction analysis, surveillance and data interpretation – getting the most out of the complex data that is available.