With experience operating and managing missions in outer space, we can help you to identify and evaluate opportunities in or from space for your organisation. We can then help you to realise these opportunities.

Space opportunities

We deliver consultancy on opportunity definition to business, education, government and academia.

In a fast moving technological environment which is international, cross-functional and contains regulatory uncertainty, we can help you to identify the opportunities that are right for your business in particular.

We support the launch, tracking, monitoring, and management of objects in space.

Mission planning

If outer space is part of your plan then we can help you make it a success.

Key aspects of the planning process include:

  • Objective setting
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Understanding regulation
  • Resource management
  • Partnerships

Consultancy on operations

Once planned, let’s deliver your activity in a way that generates the results you hope for.

We can advise on:

  • Launch, operations, control and de-orbiting
  • Tracking of satellites (Space surveillance and tracking)
  • Data interpretation – getting the most out of it for the application
  • Conjunction analysis (preventing collisions)
  • End of life solutions
  • Security of space and applications of space technology

Space technology

We all know that the rate of technological change is high. Well, in space this is particularly important, given the already complex nature of the environment. We can help you to get to grips with the relevant technology for your operations and train your team appropriately.

Space subject matter expertise will bring value to your activities and ensure you have all of the resources that you need.

Procurement: Purchasing for space

We can help you to identify, select and procure the right technology and services for your particular mission(s) and operations. In this, we will bear in mind your objectives and business needs.

Safety in flight

Nothing is more critical than the safety of your people and your high value assets.

We provide consultancy on key space disciplines:

  • Space Situational Awareness
  • Understanding the space domain
  • Behaviour of objects in space

Space sustainability

Sustainability underpins long term success for everyone.

Key areas of sustainability in which we can provide support include:

  • Space management
  • Active debris removal
  • Maintaining satellites
  • Collaboration in academic research

Regulatory awareness and development

Space is a particularly complex area for the interpretation of law, and is inherently international. We can help with:

  • Understanding and current and developing regulatory environment
  • Linking industry, academia, government, military and the regulatory environment

We are campaigning for a new, modern, comprehensive regulatory framework for space operations.