Outer Space management consultants –
safety and sustainability in space

Our vision is the sustainable use of outer space, accessible to all of society. This will bring huge social and economic value.
To enable this, we bring expertise in tracking and identifying objects in space, and also the ability to distinguish between different objects e.g. a satellite and a star, and a missile.


To empower success through opportunities in outer space (for business, academia and the public).

Why we do this

The opportunities are too big to be ignored. The consequences of not regulating safety and sustainability could be catastrophic.
We believe that our UK based experts in collaboration with counterparts globally can make a significant difference to access, success and sustainability in outer space.


• Sustainability
• Openness – of opportunities and of behaviour
• Fair access
• Rule of law

What we do

We open up opportunities in outer space for businesses, government, academia and the public. We develop and coordinate international collaboration.
We provide ‘military grade expertise’ on the things that matter to the space sector. That includes governments, military, industry and academia.
We bring unprecedented Space Situational Awareness expertise. We use this to raise awareness, competence and standards amongst operators in outer space.
We support the launch, tracking, monitoring, and management of objects in space.

Experts in satellite tracking

Safety is key to your mission success and key to sustainability of space operations longer term. The sector and industry must maintain genuine and well-founded trust akin to that of air transport. We will support operators and stakeholders in space to ensure this.
Our experts will support safety throughout the launch, tracking, maintenance and de-orbit of satellites and other objects in space.
In order to ensure safety, we support the creation of a modern regulatory environment for the management of this activity. Also the training of the operators in business, the specialists in defence, the newly appointed regulators and the researchers in academia. NORSS will lead the way in the research that underpins all of this.
A major area of safety in which we will deliver improvements is the accuracy of Conjunction Analysis – minimising near misses, even as space becomes ever more crowded.

Who we work with

Space is a collaboration between government, academia, and private enterprise. We provide the knowledge infrastructure and are building physical infrastructure that allows all to access and benefit from the opportunities in space. We help to coordinate these relationships and ensure space opportunities are accessible and successful.

Safety in flight

The more we know, the more we can manage. With RAF and civilian experience of tracking objects in space, including satellites, we are known for our ability to provide advice and support you can rely upon.
We are developing the most comprehensive space tracking and surveillance centre ever created and this will be available to our clients and partners.

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