Opening up outer space opportunities
for business, government and academia

NORSS empowers business and academic use of outer space and helps governments to manage it. We champion the sustainable use of space.

Space mission success, control of space and sustainable management all require information, planning, and knowledge of this unique domain. That’s exactly what NORSS provides.

NORSS offers satellite tracking and space situational awareness, consultancy to plan and deliver effective operational use of space and a range of training for satellite operators and controllers.

NORSS supports space security, safety, and the development of industry standards, whilst campaigning for an effective regulatory framework.


Outer space management consultants

With experience operating and managing satellite missions in space, we can help you to identify and evaluate opportunities in or from space for your organisation. We can then help you to realise these opportunities.

Space operations support

Launch, operation, tracking and success of satellites in space

We bring a highly experienced orbital analysis team with real world expertise in satellite tracking and space domain/situational awareness, ideally placed to help you get the most from your space activity.

Education and training

Outer Space education and training

We aim to widen access to knowledge and skills needed to participate in the opportunities available within the space sector, including the training of true operational orbital analyst capability.

Policy development and support

Research and consultancy for outer space policy development

With unparalleled subject matter expertise and a commitment to opening up space to all who need it, and doing so sustainably, we are ideally placed to support the development of policy in this unique field.

in space

Society relies on space in ways that are mostly invisible and unacknowledged, but nonetheless vital. This reliance is only going to increase in the coming years. But space is becoming more congested, not just with naturally occurring materials but with operational and end-of-life satellites and related debris. The regulatory and policy environment is in its infancy. Data is much less comprehensive than most people realise. Little of the information that does exist is shared. We want to change these things and will collaborate across the sector to succeed.

Space Situational Awareness (SSA)
and domain awareness

If you need expertise in the identification, location and behaviour of objects in space then we can help. We can deliver these services, consult on the application of SSA to your business needs or provide training in SSA for business owners, satellite operators, government and public sector workers and others. This expertise will allow the access to and utilisation of space for all who need it.


Do you need to track objects in space? Are you operating satellites that need to be monitored and controlled? We can provide ‘military grade’ expertise in this area, help you to choose the right approach and technology or if required, develop a custom tracking system for your needs. Society depends on space. As does the economy to some extent and security to some extent.
Space is filling up. There are more than 24,000 objects in space that are above 10cm in diameter. Knowing where they are and how to distinguish between space junk, shooting stars and potential missiles is of concern to governments, industry and academia.

of outer space

Currently, little is done about maintaining or sustaining space. But demand for outer space and increasing space traffic make this a necessity.
Society depends on space. As does the economy to some extent and security to some extent.
So, something needs to be done. But by whom?
Nobody is monitoring the whole of space. Nobody sees more than a small part. Nobody owns or controls it. What laws and regulations apply?
We are working towards solving the information gap and we are campaigning to develop the rules and regulations, both within industry and within society.

Information about objects in space

Space is a complex business and arguably it’s a difficult subject to master without significant (maybe 10 years) experience. The amount of data available on what is going on in space is surprisingly sparse. For the data that is available, the subscription model is not satisfying user needs. Every client realistically needs something different. That’s why we have developed a different way of delivering Space Situational Awareness and the data upon which it relies. Contact us

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